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There are a few primary focuses of the Shelby Dream Center that are a top priority in our programming & the way in which we want to serve our city.

The first is that we want to serve the next generation & our local schools. We are passionate about families and understand that raising a family comes with plenty of challenges. We want to do what we can to help families manage & overcome those challenges. We also understand that the local schools are a pillar of our community. We want to do everything we can to serve our local schools well, and support staff & administrators in their efforts for our city.

Second, we desire to program with a "hand up" mentality. We want to continue to grow by offering programs that help people get back on their feet & take steps forward.

Finally, we desire to operate with collaboration for the sake of our city. We don't want to be in competition with other organizations. We want to find ways to work together for the betterment of people & our city. We've invested a lot into upgrading our facility to be an asset for collaboration amongst organizations in our city who are likeminded in wanting to serve our city well & are already doing a particular program well. We don't need to "reinvent the wheel", but want to find ways where we're can accomplish more together - or that our facility can simply be a value-add to what you're already doing.

Our Vision

Serving Our City by Reigniting Dreams


LifeWise Academy
Youth Basketball Gym Usage


The Block Program

Why do we need a Dream Center in Shelby?

The need in our community is greater than you might think.


of our local families live in poverty.


of kids on free & reduced lunches.

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